February 24, 2024

Adrian Peterson’s most unforgettable play, for him, was a fumble recovery

Future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson has had plenty of memorable plays in his career. So which play of his career would he put on an infinite loop?

We asked him that question during his Super Bowl-week visit to PFT Live. His answer was not what we expected.

“It was the NFC Championship game against New Orleans, and it was an inside zone play to the right,” Peterson said. “I burst through the hole. I’m probably three or four yards past the line of scrimmage and I don’t know who hit the ball out, but the ball flew out in front of me, and probably landed six, seven yards in front of me and I was down on my knees. It was two defenders by it. I don’t know how I got to the ball. It’s like the ‘Angels in the Outfield’-type situation, seriously. I flew to that ball and recovered it and two guys literally were like two or three yards from it. And it was like an out of body experience, just the urgency to get to that ball. You got to look it up and you’ll understand. . . . Like, I was so determined that I couldn’t lose that ball that just like that, I was able to get to it.

Here’s the play. It really was amazing that he recovered it.

And it’s even more amazing that he regards that as the only play from all of his plays that he would watch again and again.