February 22, 2024

Andy Reid: I understand being the underdog, but never feel like one

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid have been in sync when it comes to running the offense during their time together with the Chiefs and the quarterback and head coach are in lockstep when it comes to how they’re approaching one aspect of Super Bowl LVIII.

The 49ers opened as favorites after both teams secured their spots in the game and they’ve remained that way over the last two weeks. Mahomes said earlier this week that he never feels like he’s an underdog on the field and Reid got a question about that status during his Thursday press conference from Las Vegas.

Reid referenced the rough patches that the Chiefs had to fight through this season while saying that he knows why others might see them as an underdog, but echoed Mahomes when it came to his own view.

“I understand why we’re the underdog, I get that. We had some ups and downs during the season,” Reid said. “I never feel like an underdog going into a game, but I understand why it’s been situated that way. It is what it is.”

The Chiefs have won two straight playoff games while playing as underdogs. That wasn’t enough to dissuade oddsmakers, but it likely strengthened the team’s faith in itself.