May 25, 2024

Chiefs WR Xavier Worthy has plan for playing at light weight: ‘Understanding your strength’

But Worthy isn’t content with operating as a one-trick pony. He feels confident making plays at any level of the field.

“I don’t think I took big hits [in college]. I delivered them,” he jokingly said regarding his weight. “But, nah, I feel like it’s not gonna be a problem. I feel like just understanding your strengths and your weaknesses, that’s the big thing in the league. Don’t obviously go and try to hit a 215-pound linebacker. Just understanding your weight, understanding your strength. D-Jax came in the league at 169 and understood his strengths. So just using your strengths to your strengths.”

Mahomes, as accurate as he is, will also make a concerted effort like he does with all his pass-catchers to keep Worthy out of harm’s way. Free-agent signee Marquise Brown, plenty fast himself, helps the Chiefs double down on speed in a suddenly rebuilt passing game, while the ever-reliable tight end Travis Kelce seems destined to keep dominating underneath.

Those two have found their way for years now in the NFL.

Worthy will look to do the same near his current weight while adjusting to a faster, stronger league.