May 25, 2024

Don’t want to ‘totally run down’ Kyren Williams

“A lot of people have said he’s similar (to Williams),” Snead said of Corum. “They have a very similar play style. They both really, really care about football. That’s very important on that side of the ball. That’s a sophisticated side of the ball. We’re a relatively advanced, veteran offense, so you definitely are going to need to bring a care factor to be able to get up to speed and be able to function and fit right in and keep the thing humming.

“It’s a tough league; it’s a 17-game season plus playoffs, might go to 18 games one day. So we always felt like we needed to have as many quality runners as possible so we don’t just totally run down Kyren, and we have one or two, or even three guys that can contribute, keep everyone fresh, and let’s go and try to impose our will.”