May 25, 2024

ESPN producer says Patrick Beverley apologized after rebuffing her for not subscribing to podcast

Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley apologized to ESPN producer Malinda Adams on Friday, she said on social media, after Beverley said during a postgame media scrum Thursday that she couldn’t ask him a question because she didn’t subscribe to his podcast.

“I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. I am humbled,” Adams wrote on X. “Patrick Beverley just called me and apologized. I appreciate it and accept it. The Bucks also reached out to apologize. I’ve been in news for over 40 years and kindness and grace always win.”

A video exchange captured in the locker room following Thursday’s Game 6 loss to the Indiana Pacers that eliminated the Bucks from the postseason showed Beverley asking Adams, “You subscribed to my pod?” Adams responded that she did not, to which Beverley said, “You can’t interview me then. No disrespect.”

The exchange followed another widely criticized incident involving Beverley on Thursday. With roughly two and a half minutes left to play and down 20 points in the loss, Beverley threw a basketball at a fan behind him from the team’s bench. He appeared to miss his target, a male Pacers fan, instead hitting a female Pacers fan in the side of the head before asking for the ball back.

The man collected the ball and tossed it back to Beverley, who immediately over-the-head, double-hand chucked it back at the fan. The fan deflected the ball as Bucks staff and security stepped in, but the fan and Beverley continued to exchange words.

According to one source who witnessed the incident and two others who were briefed on it, the exchange between Beverley and one of the fans behind the bench escalated when the Bucks were breaking a huddle and the fan yelled, “Cancun … Cancun on 3.”

Those sources indicated that obscenities were said toward Beverley in the lead-up to the escalation.

The NBA said Friday that it is looking into that matter.

When asked about that exchange after the game, Beverley said: “Nah, don’t worry about that. Nothing.” He also addressed it in a post on his X account, commenting on a video of the incident with the caption: “Altercation between Pat Bev and Pacers fans behind the bench.”

“Not Fair at all,” Beverley wrote. “Exchanged between a fan and our ball club all night. We warned and asked for help all night. Not fair.”

In a separate post on Friday morning, Beverley wrote on X, “But I have to be better. And I will.”

Bucks coach Doc Rivers said Friday that he had a conversation with Beverley about his actions.

“I did (speak with Beverley) right away because that’s not the Milwaukee way or the Bucks way,” Rivers said. “We’re better than that. Pat feels awful about that. He also understands emotionally — this is an emotional game and things happen — unfortunately, you’re judged immediately and he let the emotions get the better of him.”

“So, I’m glad that he called (Adams). That didn’t come from us,” Rivers continued. “We talked about things you just can’t do and so I’m glad that he called, because that call came from him, not us telling him to make that call.”

Beverley — who averaged 8.6 points in the playoffs, peaking at 13 — scored six in Game 6, adding five assists and two rebounds.

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