February 24, 2024

Hall of Famer admits he played games while high

Calvin Johnson dominated defensive backs right through the final season of his NFL career, and he even did so while not sober in some instances.

Johnson made a big admission about his playing days during a recent appearance on Robert Griffin III’s “RG3 and The Ones” podcast. The former Detroit Lions star was asked if he ever played any games high, and he said he did during his final season in 2015.

“Yes I have,” Johnson bluntly stated. “There was some games there in my career, man, (where) I was like I don’t know how I’m gonna make it today. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it today. Let me get my mind right.”

Griffin then followed up by asking if Johnson was high when the Hall of Fame wide receiver cooked the Dallas Cowboys with 329 receiving yards in 2013. Johnson said he only smoked weed before games in 2015 when he was “just barely hanging on.”

“Na, it was like my last year when I was just barely hanging on,” Johnson said.