April 19, 2024

Help us come up with baseball’s All-Eclipse Team!

Monday isn’t going to be just any old day in America. It’s Eclipse Day!

But before you don those eclipse glasses, we need your help — with the All-Eclipse Team.

So what’s that? It’s just a goofy exercise that my Starkville podcast partner, Doug Glanville, and I cooked up for next week’s show. We’re going to brainstorm with the great Jason Benetti, Tigers broadcaster and quick-witted expert on pretty much every wacky idea we’ve ever thrown at him, on our own All-Eclipse Team on the show.

Plus, I’ve somehow talked my editors into allowing me to completely run amok on this site, by writing up my own All-Eclipse Team column next week to commemorate this occasion. But the beautiful thing about The Athletic and this interactive cosmos we now exist in, is that we can also enlist you, our readers, to take part in this other-worldly exercise.

So this is the place for you to submit your suggestions for any and every possible nomination for baseball’s All-Eclipse Team. And we promise to actually run our favorites.

Need an example? I’ll take Sun-Woo Kim, the former Red Sox/Expos/Nats/Rockies/Reds pitcher. Glanville nominates Moonlight Graham. And let’s just say there are lots more pun-laden possibilities where they came from.

So submit your baseball names here. And we promise not to let the moon block any of them out.