April 20, 2024

‘I want 2,000 yards rushing’

Assuming Zac Robinson runs a scheme similar to Sean McVay, Bijan certainly profiles as a player who should see his stats boosted. McVay was at his best when relying on one back to motor the offense. With that in mind, Zac Robinson *should *lean on the second-year RB who owns the game-breaking ability. The question is how the new OC will juggle Robinson, Tyler Allgeier, and scat-back Avery Williams.

During his rookie season, Robinson flashed ridiculous playmaking ability. At times, he made grown men look foolish, particularly in space. But, like many first-year players, he struggled with consistency.

“Yeah, I had 1,400 yards, but for me, I have such high expectations, that’s not a great season,” Robinson said. “From the expectations people have from me, I could see them looking at that season like, ‘That may be great somewhere else but that shouldn’t be the standard for me.'”

Robinson generated six games with fewer than 50 yards on the ground and just two 100-yard rushing games in 2023, the last coming in Week 4. If he’s to break past the 2,000-yard barrier, he’ll need many, many more big games and a whole lot fewer of the average ones.