July 19, 2024

Kyler Murray: With Marvin Harrison Jr., I expect our offense to be top of the league

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray says the arrival of rookie wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. takes Arizona’s offense to new heights.

I think that takes us to another level,” Murray said, via ESPN. “When you got a guy out there that is capable of winning one-on-ones, obviously he’s got to go do it and he knows that. We all know it, but as far as manipulating coverage and stuff like that, you got a guy out there that can do that and even if he’s not open, he’s open. I’m excited to be able to build that with him, but when he does what he does, yeah, I fully expect our offense to be top of the league.”

Everyone on the team recognizes that the No. 4 overall pick is special: Harrison said at the beginning of the offseason he made a point of lining up behind the veteran wide receivers during drills, trying to show that he knows his place as a rookie, but it quickly became clear that he belongs at the front of the line.

“I didn’t want to come in here with a big head,” Harrison said. “I knew I had to earn everything, so just simple things like that. Let them go in front as they rightfully deserve. And then they kinda allow me to go in front now because they understand what I can bring to the team.”

If Murray is right, what Harrison brings to the team is a completely different offense, one that’s among the NFL’s best.