May 25, 2024

Luis Arraez makes history in Padres debut

Less than 24 hours after trading away two-time batting champion Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres, the move isn’t looking so hot for the Miami Marlins

On Saturday, Arraez shined in his San Diego debut while, roughly 700 miles away, the Marlins looked every bit like the team tied for the most losses (26) in MLB. 

While there were questions about where Arraez would fit in the Padres’ lineup, he looks to have already found a comfortable start. Batting out of the leadoff spot as the designated hitter, he finished 4 of 5 with a double, RBI, and two runs scored in a 13-1 San Diego victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The 27-year-old’s four-hit outing helped him become the first player in franchise history to have four hits in their debut.