February 22, 2024

NFL coaching undergoing a youth movement

They say age is just a number but with eight new hires for 2024, how do the numbers look for NFL head coaches?

At the start of the 2023 season, the average NFL head coach was 49.6 years old.  Former Patriots coach Bill Belichick was the oldest (71) and Rams coach Sean McVay was the youngest (37). 

In September, the league had four coaches in their ‘30s, five in their ‘60s and two in their ‘70s. Now that the septuagenarians (Belichick and Seattle’s Pete Carroll) are gone, the average NFL head coach is now 47 years old.

New England’s Jerod Mayo was briefly the league’s youngest coach (37) until the Seahawks hired former Ravens DC Mike Macdonald (36). Among new coaching hires, Mayo, Macdonald and the Titans’ Brian Callahan (39) are the only three under the age of 40.