May 25, 2024

One 2024 NFL schedule wish for every team: Cowboys-Texans on Thanksgiving, mid-season bye for Chiefs

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The NFL schedule release is now just hours away. Soon enough, we’ll have the full view of how the 2024 regular season will look. While we teams have known their opponents for the past few months after last year came to a close, when these games take place is a major piece of the puzzle. 

Naturally, that means clubs do have some preference on how the schedule shakes out. That could revolve around wanting a certain number of primetime games, less cross-country travel, and when they want certain marquee games to land on the calendar. In that spirit, we’re going to go rapid fire across the NFL and identify one wish each team may have for how the 2024 schedule unfolds. 

  • To face the Patriots or Commanders at home in Week 1 for a winnable game out of the gate. 
  • Minimal exposure to primetime games to avoid Kirk Cousins‘ struggles on that national stage.
  • Early stretch of divisional games to build up lead in AFC North.
  • Home games backloaded to late in the season to capitalize on Buffalo weather.
  • To host the Giants in Munich, Germany for best chance of getting an international win. 
  • String of below .500 teams (Broncos, Giants, Panthers, Patriots, etc.) to begin the year for Joe Burrow to shake off rust.
  • To have the bulk of home games down the stretch (Cleveland was 8-1 at home in 2023). 

Denver Broncos

  • For one of their Chiefs games to fall on Week 18 (possibly resting starters).
  • Host the Dolphins late in the season to take advantage of cold weather at Lambeau Field. 

Houston Texans 

  • Host the Bills early in the season for Stefon Diggs matchup vs. former team.
  • Avoid an international trip (Jaguars and Vikings are set to host an international game in 2024).

Jacksonville Jaguars 

  • Easier opponents at the backend of the season to avoid another collapse.

Kansas City Chiefs 

  • Mid-to-late season bye week.
  • The Harbaugh Bowl to be in primetime. 

Miami Dolphins 

  • Hope they avoid cold weather games late in the year.

Minnesota Vikings 

  • Host the Falcons in a primetime window for Kirk Cousins’ homecoming.

New England Patriots 

  • Easy stretch of opponents to create a soft landing spot for Drake Maye to start strong.

New Orleans Saints 

  • Host Sean Payton on Thursday Night Football.

New York Giants 

  • Spread out the games vs. Dallas, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Cincinnati.
  • Late season trips to Miami and Jacksonville to avoid summer heat.
  • Avoid a short week and/or tough opponent after West Coast trip vs. Rams.
  • Avoid two “Thursday Night Football” games unlike in 2023.

San Francisco 49ers 

  • Not too many primetime games (face several high-profile opponents).
  • To not play an International Game vs. Bears and endure a Seattle to London flight. 
  • Open the 2024 season vs. Falcons to set the tone in the NFC South.
  • Host the Bengals (Brian Callahan’s former team) after the bye week.

Washington Commanders 

  • Cowboys and Eagles games later in the year to allow Jayden Daniels to ease into the league before bouts with division rivals.