February 24, 2024

Patrick Mahomes answers whether Chiefs have dynasty

Patrick Mahomes has been hesitant to get too far ahead of himself when it comes to celebrating his on-field success. But he finally made an admission after winning Super Bowl XVIII 25-22 in overtime over the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nev. on Sunday.

Mahomes was interviewed by CBS’ Tracy Wolfson immediately after his Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. This was the Chiefs’ third Super Bowl title since 2019, which led Wolfson to ask Mahomes whether the Chiefs have a dynasty.

“Yeah, it’s the start of one,” Mahomes answered. “We’re not done. I know we’re going to celebrate tonight. Celebrate at the parade Wednesday, Kansas City. But we’re not done. We got a young team, we’re going to keep this thing going.”