July 22, 2024

Report: Jontay Porter faces federal charges over gambling scheme that got him banned

Former NBA player Jontay Porter has gone through a few things, as a result of gambling. He’s reportedly about to go through even more.

Banned from basketball, Porter eventually could be prosecuted, too.

Via Margaret Fleming of FrontOfficeSports.com, new court documents show that Porter will face federal criminal charges.

Four men already have been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud for scheming with a player to rig wagers. They allegedly worked with “Player 1″ (Porter) to place large bets on the “under” in his prop bets for games where he agreed to leave early.

Fleming explains that the intent to charge Porter is reflected in a “criminal information sheet” filed Tuesday in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors could have opted to give Porter a pass, reasoning that he was victimized by those who leveraged his gambling debts to get him to participate. But if Porter broke the law, he’s fair game.

Which makes the Porter situation an even more important warning to any NFL player whose stats have become, essentially, the dice on a craps table. If they ever agree to fake an injury or illness in order to ensure that they hit the unders on their prop wagers, they risk not only permanent banishment from the league but also a temporary stay in federal custody.