February 22, 2024

Report: O.J. Simpson undergoes treatment for prostate cancer

Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson, who became far more notorious after his playing career than famous during it, has prostate cancer, according to Local10.com in Las Vegas.

Simpson reportedly is undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Las Vegas. On Friday, he denied on social media a rumor that he is in hospice care.

The 76-year-old Simpson was charged with double murder in 1994, after his ex-wife and a friend were brutally murdered in L.A. He was acquitted in October 1995. He later was found to be legally responsible for the killings in civil court, with a $33.5 million verdict entered against him.

Simpson eventually was jailed for armed robbery in Nevada. He was freed on parole in 2017. His parole expired in 2021.