February 22, 2024

Rob Gronkowski is back for FanDuel’s Kick of Destiny 2

As you may recall, Rob Gronkowski‘s maiden voyage of the Kick of Destiny didn’t go quite as planned.

But the former NFL tight end is back again this year and the Super Bowl-centric event is getting a bit of a makeover.

The question now is: How can you get in on the action this time around?

As the New York Post pointed out last week, the second coming of the Kick of Destiny doesn’t require users to buy into the promotion like they did before. Last year, fans were told that their $5 bet on the Super Bowl would turn into sharing $10,000,000 in bonus bets with all the other users who opted into the Kick of Destiny promo. In the end, FanDuel ended up paying users $5-$10 back in the end even though Gronkowski missed the 25-yard field goal.

This year, FanDuel users are only asked to submit a “Make or Miss” prediction for the Kick of Destiny. On one hand, this means the payout could be even less this year because entry into the promo is free. But could the overall result still be better for users this year — even if Gronkowski misses the big kick yet again?

Gronkowski sounds pretty confident that he won’t miss the Kick of Destiny a second year in a row. The four-time Super Bowl champ said on the Fox broadcast following the NFC Championship game, via the Post, that he has been “practicing three times a week” and has “made about 90%” of those practice kicks.

In addition to adjusting how fans can play along, FanDuel is also modifying its ad campaign centered around the Kick of Destiny. Early promotional content featured Gronkowski in search of redemption, alongside former NFL linebacker turned-actor Carl Weathers. FanDuel announced in a statement last that they would be modifying the ads after the “Rocky” actor passed away last week at the age of 76.

“FanDuel was fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with him during our Super Bowl campaign,” FanDuel said Friday in a statement. “We are adjusting our campaign accordingly out of respect for the family during their time of grief.”