July 15, 2024

Son of Mine ebook can be preordered right now

It’s coming on September 3.

But we’re happy to take your money now. And you might be happy to hand it over, since it’s not even five dollars.

For a mere $4.99 — and there’s not a damn thing you can buy for that amount these days — you can ensure that, on the third of September, the sequel to Father of Mine will show up.

Pre-order Son of Mine here.

If you haven’t read Father of Mine, get the ebook here for $3.99 or the print version for $14.99.

You don’t need to read Father of Mine first to enjoy Son of Mine, but it will enhance the experience. But obviously it will spoil Father of Mine, worse than expired milk.

Regardless, for less than nine bucks, you can have both. And you’ll get the second one on September 3, just in time to rip through it before kickoff of Ravens-Chiefs to start the NFL season two days later.

Father of Mine, if you didn’t know, is a mob book set in 1973. The events happen in my hometown, inspired by the real-life mob that ran the place.

Son of Mine picks up exactly where Father of Mine ends, with three distinct parts that tell three separate stories that are interwoven.

Father of Mine was good. Son of Mine is better. For less than five bucks, you’ll get a chance to enjoy every chapter (40 per part), page (more than 400), and word (more than 94,000).