February 22, 2024

Super Bowl field looks fine, so far

Last year, the Super Bowl field was, to put it tactfully and non-profanely, not good. This year, it looks OK so far.

It always looks great. With the logos at the 25 yard lines and Big Shield at the 50 and the team names and logos in each end zone (Chiefs is spelled correctly, googly moogly.)

With players on the field for way-too-early warmups, the grass seems to be performing as intended, without slipping or sliding.

Of course, players aren’t yet making full-speed cuts. So we’ll see what happens during the game.

Last year, it really was an embarrassment to the league. As one league source has explained it to PFT, the league office blamed the conditions on the players for not wearing the right shoes, when the topic was raised by owners at the March 2023 annual meetings.

It was definitely not the players’ fault. The league blew it last year, and it took some of the steam out of the pass rush — to the detriment of the Eagles.

Last year’s misadventures provide all the more reason for the league to get it right this year.