July 19, 2024

Three NFL players we want to see as announcers

With retired players like Tom Brady and Jason Kelce set to call games in 2024, here’s three current players we hope to see as NFL announcers.

Gardner Minshew (QB) Las Vegas Raiders 

Can anyone think of a reason to keep Minshew out of the broadcast booth? Not only has he been sporting the same Uncle Rico-inspired look since his days at Washington State, but he recently channeled the character on media day for his team’s photo shoot.

He may never throw a football over a mountain, but 59 touchdowns in 37 starts are pretty sweet, as are his 9,937 passing yards. For the record, that’s 5,833 more yards than Amazon Prime analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick had in his first five seasons.

Minshew came off the bench to win his first Pro Bowl nomination with the Colts last year and likely drove his 2011 Acura to the event. At 28-years-old, he still drives the car he received from his parents as a high school graduation gift before buying (and living) in an old prison bus while playing for the Eagles in 2022.

Personality aside, Minshew learned his football from the late Mike Leach, himself a colorful character as head coach of three college teams. A natural in front of the camera, Minshew’s learning curve won’t be so steep with the media.

Kirk Cousins (QB) Atlanta Falcons

Who doesn’t love an underdog? After 39,471 career yards, it’s easy to forget that Cousins was drafted in the fourth round in 2012 to back up Robert Griffin III. With a four-year, $180M contract from the Falcons in his pocket and $232M in career earnings, Cousins certainly doesn’t need the money, but he’d be great calling NFL games.

Most don’t know that Cousins actually worked as a color analyst for the Big Ten Network during Michigan State’s Green-White spring games from 2013-15. But who can forget his shirtless dance on the team plane in 2022 and the encore performance prior to last year’s Vikings-Packers game on New Year’s Eve.

After 12 years in the league, there’s not much the 35-year-old quarterback hasn’t seen. Assuming he conforms to the dress code, he’d fit perfectly in the booth or on the sidelines.

Travis Kelce (TE) Kansas City Chiefs

While not nearly as affable as his older brother, Kelce is certainly no stranger to the spotlight after hosting “Saturday Night Live” and dating the planet’s most recognizable pop star. Without Taylor Swift, Kelce would still have nine Pro Bowls, four All-Pro nominations and three Super Bowl championships on his resume.

On a recent episode of the “New Heights” podcast he co-hosts with his brother, Kelce said he wants to work in broadcasting so badly, he’d turn down an ownership stake in a team in order to do so.

Of course the 11-year veteran just signed a two-year, $34M contract extension to become the highest-paid tight end in NFL history, which means we’ll have to wait to get Kelce in the booth.