April 15, 2024

Todd Blackledge predicts college football powerhouse to ‘slip’ in 2024

Todd Blackledge is predicting a subtle setback for last year’s national champions in the upcoming 2024 college football season. That could be as slight as just one loss, but a minor dip nonetheless.

Blackledge’s prediction is in large part due to the fact that Jim Harbaugh has taken his experience to the NFL following Michigan’s national title win in January, plus the incredible offseason Ohio State’s endured. 

While talking with Greg McElroy on ‘Always College Football,’ Blackledge was discussing the current state of both Michigan and Ohio State. 

McElroy mentioned how he views Ohio State as the second best team in America behind Georgia. Blackledge did not disagree, saying now that Harbaugh is gone, the Buckeyes are the best in the Big Ten. 

“I think so,” Blackledge said when asked if Ohio State’s the best in the Big Ten. “Especially with Jim Harbaugh leaving and going to San Diego. What he built there (Michigan) was legit.”

Sherrone Moore takes over as head coach, something he did at times last season while Harbaugh faced suspensions. And though Moore got the job done last season in Harbaugh’s absence, Blackledge can’t help but predict Michigan will take at least a slight step back in year No. 1 under Moore.

“With him gone, even though I think the world of Sherrone Moore, there’s got to be a little bit of a slip I think. And Ohio State positions itself with who they brought in.”