February 22, 2024

‘Totally not true’: Falcons owner rejects rumors about Bill Belichick

Shockingly, future Hall of Famer Bill Belichick was left outside looking in following this year’s head-coaching hiring spree. While many presumed that the legendary coach was simply asking for too much power, at least one team that interviewed him debunked the idea. 

In a recent interview with Justin Fielder of Fox 5, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank wildly rejected the idea that Belichick demanded anything at all to accept the job. 

“Bill Belichick never asked for, in our discussions, full control of personnel, or the building, or anything of that nature,” Blank said. “He was very inclusive, very collaborative.”

Blank said the series of interviews went well, adding that Belichick had met with general manager Terry Fontenot before later revealing his excitement over potentially working together in a text. Ultimately, the Falcons went with Raheem Morris out of 14 candidates for what Blank described as a “variety of reasons.” 

Following Morris’ hiring, reports indicated Blank wanted the legendary head coach but reversed course due to Belichick’s demands and the myriad of changes he wanted to make.

“All these things that were being produced by the media were totally not true,” Blanks said. “I don’t say it to patronize Bill but to be fair to him. I mean, he never had that as a requirement.”

What Belichick does now, at 71 years of age, is anyone’s guess. However, Blanks believes he was as motivated as ever to coach after their talks. 

Whether or not his name resurfaces this time next year when more coaching vacancies open up is anyone’s guess. Until then, a host of potential careers exist for the six-time Super Bowl champion, with many suggesting he could be a team consultant or a television analyst