May 25, 2024

Who is on the cover of EA Sports College Football 25? Travis Hunter, Quinn Ewers among NCAA cover athletes

The dog days of summer are on the horizon. But college football fans won’t have to wait through long months without entertainment.

The impending release of EA Sports College Football 25 is certain to assuage boredom concerns in the coming few months.

There’s still no official drop date for the game, which represents EA Sports’ first foray into the world of college sports since 2013. We do, however, have a cover athlete — actually, we have several.

The video game company dropped its official cover for the deluxe edition of the much-vaunted video game Friday. The artwork features a wide array of some of college football’s biggest names.

All of those included on the cover are slated to play in 2024, a stark contrast from the covers of old, which only featured players who had already left their programs.

Here’s the skinny on those who were given the honor of gracing college football’s preeminent video game cover in 2024.

Who is on the cover of EA Sports College Football 25?

A number of players will be featured on the cover of EA Sports College Football 25.

The deluxe edition of the video game includes six recognizable players — Colorado DB/WR Travis Hunter, Texas QB Quinn Ewers, Michigan RB Donovan Edwards get top billing, and Alabama QB Jalen Milroe, Georgia QB Carson Beck and Ohio State RB Quinshon Judkins appear as well.

More players are expected to be plastered across other editions of the game in the coming few weeks. According to Extra Points, each edition of the game will feature different cover athletes.

EA Sports College Football covers by year

EA Sports’ College Football series has endured a varied history, with the covers of its first few editions being marked not by players but a head coach: 49ers Hall of Fame tactician Bill Walsh, who helmed Stanford from 1992-94.

The 1995 iteration of the game — College Football USA 96 — included a handful of generic figures from Kansas State, Michigan and Florida State. It also featured Tommy Trojan and Wisconsin’s Marching Band in the hopes of curating an “authentic” vision of what college football is really about. 

The first player to feature on the cover was Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier, a two-time national champion who graduated in 1995. He stood front and center on the cover of College Football USA 97.

Year Game Cover athlete School
1996 College Football USA 97 Tommie Frazier Nebraska
1997 NCAA Football 98 Danny Wuerffel Florida
1998 NCAA Football 99 Charles Woodson Michigan
1999 NCAA Football 2000 Ricky Williams Texas
2000 NCAA Football 2001 Shaun Alexander Alabama
2001 NCAA Football 2002 Chris Weinke Florida State
2002 NCAA Football 2003 Joey Harrington Oregon
2003 NCAA Football 2004 Carson Palmer USC
2004 NCAA Football 2004 Larry Fitzgerald Pittsburgh
2005 NCAA Football 06 Desmond Howard Michigan
2006 NCAA Football 07 Reggie Bush USC
2007 NCAA Football 08 Jared Zabransky Boise State
2008 NCAA Football 09 DeSean Jackson (PS2), Matt Ryan (PS3), Owen Schmitt (PSP), Sparty (Wii), Darren McFadden (Xbox 360)

Cal, Boston College, West Virginia, Michigan State, Arkansas

2009 NCAA Football 10 Brian Orakpo (PS2), Brian Johnson (PS3), Mark Sanchez (PSP), Michael Crabtree (Xbox 360) Texas, Utah, USC, Texas Tech
2010 NCAA Football 11 Tim Tebow Florida
2011 NCAA Football 12 Mark Ingram Alabama
2012 NCAA Football 12 Robert Griffin III, Barry Sanders Baylor, Oklahoma State
2013 NCAA Football 14 Denard Robinson Michigan

EA Sports College Football 25 release date

EA Sports College Football 25 is slated for a summer release, with most reports indicating it will come out in July. In past years, EA Sports would release its college football titles in the mid-summer, so this date adds up.

An official release date hasn’t been announced. But EA Sports did place a timer on its official website promising to reveal details regarding the game on May 16, so keep your eyes peeled.

EA Sports College Football 25 trailer

EA Sports released a teaser trailer showcasing unfinished renders of the game back in February. A full reveal is expected to come out on May 16.