June 23, 2024

2024 NBA Mock Draft: 1st-Round Predictions from Latest Rumors | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors

So, this actually goes against predictions in the latest mocks from B/R’s Jonathan Wasserman and ESPN’s combo of Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo, all of whom put Zaccharie Risacher in the top spot. And maybe that winds up being the direction Atlanta ultimately goes.

Still, Alex Sarr’s unique blend of size, fluidity, defensive versatility and offensive potential, arguably, give him the highest ceiling in this class. And when there isn’t a clear-cut prospect at the top of the class, swinging for the most upside feels like the best move, even if it’s unclear where the franchise is headed.

If Sarr’s shot-making develops, he could be a star. At worst, he’s an all-purpose stopper with the handles and vision to make plays on the move. At best, he’s a perennial All-Defensive candidate with range, creation and a knockout-powered scoring punch.