June 23, 2024

Robert Kraft’s appearance on College GameDay sends mixed signals about the future

Patriots proprietor Robert Kraft, whose stadium hosted the Army-Navy sport on Saturday, appeared on ESPN’s College GameDay to debate a number of matters.

Inevitably, he was requested by Rece Davis about the steps that must be taken to get the Patriots again to the place they’ve been. Kraft sidestepped it initially, earlier than saying this: “We like to win, so we want to do everything we can to get our team back so we can be winning it.”

That’s the place the clip from the present on the ESPN College GameDay YouTube account abruptly ends, regardless that the interview wasn’t over. There was yet another remark — a comment from Pat McAfee.

“I don’t envy your position,” McAfee mentioned to Kraft. “What’s about to occur. We all know. We don’t need to ask.“

Kraft mentioned nothing in response. Davis threw to interrupt. Many will assume that Kraft’s silence quantities to settlement. Many additionally will agree with McAfee’s evaluation. We all know what’s about to occur.

Or will we? Earlier in the interview, Kraft was requested about the general success of his numerous enterprise pursuits, with no point out of Belichick in the query.

“Well, it’s all about people,” Kraft mentioned. “Collecting good people. People of good character. People who are loyal. I’m very happy that most of our key people have been with us a long time. You know, we have a head coach who’s been with us 24 years. I think that’s the longest-serving head coach. But that’s the model we have in all our companies, to try to pick the best people.”

That might be considered a touch by Kraft, mentioning the significance of longevity and particularly citing Belichick’s 24-year tenure. And that might be why the remark from McAfee was clipped from the YouTube model of the Kraft interview.

Maybe we’ve obtained all of it incorrect. Maybe Belichick might be again in 2024 with the Patriots, making it an excellent 25 years at the helm.