May 25, 2024

Former player warns Justin Fields: ‘You can’t fall into this’

Jennings may have a point, as Fields’ primary focus should be improving his skills as a quarterback. With his impressive collegiate resume, including leading Ohio State to the College Football Playoff, Fields seems to have the talent to be a special NFL quarterback given the right circumstances.

This season, he has the unique opportunity to learn from former Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson, which could prove invaluable in his development. Wilson’s expertise and guidance could help Fields refine his passing accuracy, decision-making, and pocket presence — essential skills for a starting quarterback.

By focusing on his quarterback craft, Fields can position himself for a potential starting role in the future, either with the Steelers or another team.

While incorporating Fields into running plays makes sense, given his impressive rushing skills (1,143 yards in 2021), experimenting with him as a kick returner or Taysom Hill-like utility player may come at a cost.

The physical demands of these roles could jeopardize his long-term health and potential. As a quarterback, Fields’ body is already subjected to significant wear and tear. Adding onto that with an unconventional role for any quarterback would be dangerous, to say the least.

Also, devoting time and energy to non-quarterback roles may distract Fields from his primary objective: becoming a legitimate NFL starting QB. The Steelers coaching staff must strike a good balance between utilizing Fields’ versatility and growing his ability as a quarterback.

In the NFL, where quarterback play is paramount, it’s important for Fields to prioritize his development at his natural position. By doing so, he’ll not only maximize his potential but also ensure a more sustainable and lucrative career in the NFL.

As Fields navigates this new chapter in his career, he would be wise to heed Jennings’ warning and maintain a laser-like focus on his quarterback progression. With dedication and hard work, Fields can silence his doubters and emerge as a premier quarterback in the NFL.