June 23, 2024

‘Indy hates me already and I love it’

Stroud embraced the back-and-forth with the AFC South rivals.

“I’m excited,” Stroud said. “We play them at their place. It’s going to be rocking. Indy hates me already and I love it.”

Stroud made it clear that he respects Franklin, Speed, and the rest of the Colts, but he’s not backing down either.

“Bro’s got game, but like, I mean, it’s smoke. I ain’t tripping,” Stroud said when asked about Franklin’s comments this offseason. “What are we talking about? I’m coming, too. Bro, like come on. I’m like that, too, dog. I respect you because he just got paid. Shout out to bro, I’m happy for you, bro, I want to see any Black man get paid in this league, anybody in general. You deserve that money, bro. He’s a good player, but man, he knows … and that’s what I like: two dogs ready to rumble.”

Rumble they will in Week 1 in Indianapolis.