May 25, 2024

Shedeur Sanders’ debut song ‘Perfect Timing’ roasted by Twitter reviews

After a weekend in which the world was captivated by an ongoing battle between two of the biggest artists in rap, a new challenger entered the fray on Tuesday.

Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders released his debut single, “Perfect Timing,” on streaming services.

College kids should be making music—that is like, half of what college is supposed to be used for—but it is not often that a college student with the media attention of Sanders puts out a song.

Reviews on social media were immediately rather harsh, with several noting that Sanders ran the risk of giving his opponents for the upcoming college football season the perfect soundtrack to a hype video following a win over Colorado.

Others encouraged Kendrick Lamar and Drake to broaden their shots to include Sanders into the fray.

Regardless of reviews of the song, it’s good to encourage creativity in the young people who will be leading the world, and more importantly, the NFL teams of tomorrow.

Colorado went 4–8 last season in the first year of Deion Sanders’ coaching tenure. After a blistering 3–0 start, the Buffs finished the season on a 1–8 run through the Pac 12. Next year, Colorado will join the Big 12 and face a new set of challenges, with Shedeur under center to lead the charge.

Beyond that, Shedeur is set to enter the 2025 NFL Draft, so it feels like things will be pretty okay even if his music career doesn’t pan out.